ANYWAVE® OM3 ITU-T 50/125µm Multi Mode Fiber

TAIHAN’s OM3 fiber is designed specifically for high speed local area network(LAN) such as Gigabit or higher speeds Ethernet. TAIHAN’s OM3 fiber eliminates the differential mode delay(CMD) phenomenon observed on the conventional fibers in Gigabit applications. Thus, there is no need for expensive CMC compensation. TAIHAN’s OM3 fibers satisfy the sue at 850nm and 1300nm. The maximum link distance up to 2000meter) for Gigabit Ethernet system are the longest distances available in the world.


·Designed for use at 850nm and 1300nm
·Suited to applications in Gigabit Ethernet and higher bit-rat systems
·No need to use expensive DMD compensation in Gigabit Ethernet
·Enabling the longest link distances compared with congener products
·Good protection and excellent strip force stability


·LAN, FDDI, Ethernet, ATM
·Data communication cable
·FTTH network cable

Performance Specification