Double Compartment Type (Wall Mount ODF/OCDF)


NeWocom Optical Termination Box is designed to terminate, splice and interconnect fiber optic cables in an indoor environment. This box accommodates FTTH applications by mounting to the exterior surface of a dwelling and connecting between the distribution cable and drops routed to individual living units. ·The cables meet at a connector field that includes termination for the distribution cable and parking for the cables or the splicing field that can be configured with splice trays for splicing the cable. The enclosure may be pre terminated on the distribution side with an outside plant cable stub so that the unit is quickly connected to the plant. ·The unit accommodates a variety of OSP cable types via entry. Distribution cable fibers are terminated on standard fiber optic adaptors and staged at the parking position to the assigned distribution fiber easily makes service connections. ·Cables are secured with silicone rubber gasket to provide required pull out strength. The body of the enclosure provides the necessary protection against rain, wind, dust, rodents and other environmental contaminants while remaining light weight for easy installation.