Mini Optical Cable(5 Unit)

1)Optical fiber : Single mode optical fiber(SMF), multi mode optical fiber(MMF), non-zero dispersion shifted optical fiber(NZ-DSF)
2)Central strength member : Fiber reinforced plastic(FRP)
3)Moisture barrier : Water blocking yarn
4)Loose tube : Thermoplastic material(polybutylene terephthalate)
5)Filler : Polyethylene string Non-metal
6)strength member : Glass yarn or aramid yarn
7)Sheath : Black polyethylene


·Standard fiber count : 2~60 fibers
·Excellent optical performance
·Excellent mechanical and environmental performance
·Dry or jelly filled type
·Small diameter and light weight


·Local area network(LAN)
·Subscriber network system
·Fiber to the home(FTTH)

Cable Specification

Mechanical & Environmental Characteristic