ANYWAVE® OM1 ITU-T 62.5/125µm Multi Mode Fiber

TAIHAN’s 62.5/125㎛ multimode fiber is a graded-index multimode optical fiber with a 62.5㎛ core diameter and a 125㎛ cladding diameter. The optical fiber is comprehensively optimized for performance at the 850nn and 1300nm operating wavelengths. The fiber has the highest bandwidth and lowest attenuation, which is satisfying the sue at 850nn and 1300nm. TAIHAN’s 62.5/125㎛ multimode fiber is designed and manufactured according to the most advanced level in the world.


·Designed for use at 850nm and 1300nm
·Low attenuation and high bandwidth, which overfills the transmission demand of IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet
·Good protection and excellent strip force stability


·Local area network(LAN), video, voice and data service
·Data communication cable
·FTTH network cable

Performance Specification