Max Patrol VM

MaxPatrol VM

MaxPatrol VM is a next-generation vulnerability management system. The solution allows you to build a full-fledged vulnerability management process and control it during both routine operation and urgent scanning.

With MaxPatrol VM you can:

  • Get complete and continuously updated data on the IT infrastructure.
  • Factor in the significance of protected assets.
  • Identify, prioritize, and set vulnerability processing rules for the IT department.
  • Control vulnerability elimination.
  • Monitor the company’s overall security level.

MaxPatrol VM is based on the unique security asset management (SAM) technology. This allows MaxPatrol VM, using active and passive data collection, to build at any moment a complete and continuously updated model of the IT infrastructure under observation. By understanding the IT environment, the solution adopts and automates vulnerability management across all company systems, taking into account the importance of network components and infrastructure changes.

How it works

Collects and maintains an up-to-date asset database

MaxPatrol VM collects the most complete intelligence on assets in the database. The database is refreshed and populated by scanning in black- and white-box mode and importing data from various sources: external directories (Active Directory, SCCM, hypervisors) and other infosec solutions (SIEM, NTA). Information is not duplicated and is tied to one specific asset.

Evaluates and classifies assets

Classification of assets by level of importance keeps the focus on priority nodes. The system also reports the appearance of new unassessed assets and potentially significant ones.

Identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities

Performs deep scanning of the IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and configuration errors in information system components. Allows vulnerability elimination methods to be set in line with severity levels and other parameters (vendor, OS version, asset on which vulnerabilities were found).

Defines policies

MaxPatrol VM scanning and elimination policies automate the execution of various operations on assets and detected vulnerabilities. For example, you can set a recommended scan schedule or a date for routine processing of vulnerabilities on multiple assets.

Controls vulnerability management MaxPatrol VM tracks the dynamics of regular scans, helping infosec experts to control scan quality. Retrospective analysis makes it possible to assess the vulnerability elimination process and monitor compliance with policies and the level of infrastructure protection.