Dozor DLP

Solar Dozor

Information Leak Prevention System (DLP). Blocks the transmission of confidential documents, helps to detect signs of corporate fraud, and allows you to prevent security incidents.

Prevention of leaks of confidential information

  • Installing “break” traffic to prevent leaks of confidential information
  • Control the main channels of leaks by analyzing network traffic and agents for all operating systems
  • Crawler with an active mode of operation to control local and cloud storage
  • User behavior analysis to predict incidents and fight insiders
  • Refiltering the mail archive to detect previously missed leaks

Identifying Signs of Corporate Fraud

  • Employee dossier to improve the speed and convenience of investigations
  • A long-term archive of communications to ensure a broad investigation arm
  • Automatic detection of work, private and unique contacts
  • Special control groups and analysis of user behavior for incident prevention
  • Desktop broadcast and microphone audio recording for evidence collection

Main Advantages

  • Solar Dozor does not require special training, the interface is simple and intuitive, interactive reports allow you to quickly analyze the situation and make decisions
  • Solar Dozor is the first Russian DLP system. In 20 years, he has reached such a level of maturity that he can meet the needs of an organization of any size, without exception.
Best agent
  • Solar Dozor has a full-featured agent for all major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and GNU/Linux. Supports work in VDI and “golden images”
Focus on the person
  • Solar Dozor is based on the concept of People-Centric Security. The system does not focus on the flow of information, but on employees, their connections and behavior