G.652 B

ITU-T G.652

TAIHAN's single mode optical fiber is manufactured by the vapor - phase axial deposition(VAD) process to produce the highest quality glass with excellent geometry, high strength characteristics and attenuation level that approaches the theoretical minimum, and designed to operate at 1310nm and 1550nm. Its optical properties are achieved through a germanium doped silica core with a pure silica cladding. A dual acrylate protective coating is applied over glass to provide the maximum fiber lifetime.


·Conspicuous lower attenuation
·Mechanically strippable coating
·Excellent geometric properties for low splicing loss
·Transmission capacity at 1310nm and 1550nm


·Data communication cable
·FTTH network cable
·Long haul telecommunication cable
·CATV cable

Refractive Index Profile(Environmental Characteristic)