Airlock IAM

Airlock identity- and access-management

The increasing automation and digitisation of business processes requires absolutely secure and efficient access procedures and this is precisely what Airlock’s customer identity and access management (cIAM) guarantees. The way in which users obtain authorisation to access data or applications is generally not standardised. This is where Airlock IAM comes in and offers centralised identity management and organisation of access permissions, for applications and APIs, alike. Integrated applications can be bundled as a single sign-on (SSO) group.


  • Flexible Authentication
    • Strong authentication, 2FA / MFA
    • Step-up and step-down authentication
    • Adaptive or risk-based authentication
    • Extensive list of authentication methods (including FIDO + WebAuthN)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Identity federation
  • User self-service options
  • Social registration and logins (BYOI)
  • Delegated user administration + helpdesk options
  • Extensive REST API
  • Experience Design SDK

Airlock IAM is the central access management component of the Secure Access Hub. It guarantees users secure access to data and applications, with single sign-on and automated user administration.

Airlock IAM offers context-based authentication of users and clients, and authorises access. The large number of authentication methods supported allows for flexible implementation of strong authentication in conjunction with company-wide single sign-on. Even externally managed identities such as social login profiles or IDs from a federation group, such as SwissID, for example, can be integrated.