NEC Type ladder and accessories

There are key differences between support products to consider when choosing one to help manage your cables…
Normally, you need to consider how much load you want to support, cabling depth, bottom profile and even visual appearance. This is a quick and easy summary between our 2 most popular cable support product groups.
Cable tray is one of the most common methods of supporting wire and cable. There are many different types of cable tray including basket, ladder and solid-bottom. Tray can be manufactured in various types of material including aluminum, steel and fiber and other nonmetallic materials.
Cable tray allows for the clean organization and routing of cable and offers advantages over conduit because cables are easier to access for installation, repair, removal and future development.
A cable ladder system comprises of a range of straight lengths as well as different shaped fittings designed to facilitate changing cabling directions or levels easily, without the need to modify any components. Ladders are generally considered to be the strongest products that are available to support cables, offering high load capabilities over long spans, and therefore are often specified to be installed on sites where the need to distribute high volumes of cables safely, reliably and quickly is of paramount importance to the project managers. NEC type ladder almost support all of these issues.
The NeWocom range of cable ladder systems is designed for a variety of applications from light industrial, civil, heavy mining through to oil and gas installations with superior load ratings, and easily maneuvered components with strong hold down units to provide a complete, easy to install solution.
During the manufacturing process, each tail of ladder is pre-punched with splice fixing holes to provide easy on site installation and connection to other lengths using splice plates. Earth strap connection holes are also punched in metal ladders to help keep them safely earthed. This type of our product is mostly Steel coated with electrostatic powder painting RAL 7032 but it could be customized by your order.
Newscom's cable ladder lengths are also complemented by a range of fittings, including ladder bends, tees, crosses, internal and external risers in multiple radiuses, and reducers for multiple cabling width changes. Fittings for steel and aluminum ladders are normally self-splicing. Covers for straight lengths and fittings are also manufactured, as well as accessories such as splices, divider strips, cover clamps and hold down brackets for all sizes. Installing the required fittings to change your cabling direction or level, or connecting straight lengths together using splice plates is easy.

Accessories For NEC Type Ladder (Cable Tray)

Ladder Arm Support (Triangle support)

Ladder Arm Supports are the perfect solution for supporting cable trays while maintaining accessibility to cables after the installation is completed. Ladder Arm Supports are different from labor-intensive traditional methods fabricated with ceiling brackets, strut channels, cantilever arms, and various hardware. Ladder Arm Supports can be attached to ceiling, wall, threaded rod, or cable hanging systems to support all possible project requirements and additional cable capacity. For different size of ladder there are related size if ladder arm supports.


•special design to accommodate various cable tray hanging methods including ceiling, wall, threaded rod, or cable hanging systems
•Strut profile on both arms allow for two runs of cable trays per bracket
•Top tab can be bent allowing for extra wide cable trays to be installed when two brackets are fastened back-to-back
•Key holes provided for wall mount applications


Material: Steel
Finish: electrostatic powder Painted
Color: RAL 7032 , customization is available

Vertical Wall Bracket (Hooked L Linkage)

Secures ladder rack section to wall or other flat surface. Made of steel with a painted or plated finish. Requires surface mounting hardware (not included).

Channel Nuts - Galvanised/Stainless Steel

Channel nuts are easy to install with their rounded ends that allow for easy insertion into and rotation within the strut itself. If you are working with 41x41mm channel, NeWocom channel nuts with a long spring will do the job, or if you are working with 41x21mm, NeWocom does also offer shorter spring versions as well. They are made available either in galvanised, zinc plated, or stainless steel.
Spring channel nuts, which incorporate a spring to aid positioning prior to assembly, available in either stainless or galvanised steel.
Channel nut with spring
Threads on the nuts are metric
Channel Nut W/ long spring, Thread Diameter: 1/4", Material: Steel, Finish: Electro- Galvanized. For Use w/ PS 200, 210, 300.


"Z" shape Fitting (wide Z clamp)

Our 2 Holes Z Shape Fitting is available in Electrical Galvanized (EG), Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG), Stainless Steel (SS)


Material: Steel , customization is available
Finish: electrostatic powder Painted
Color: RAL 7032 , customization is available

"U" shape Fitting

When used for mechanical supports, load capacities of brackets and fittings should be in compliance with the American Standard Code for Pressure Piping.

Product Description

Flat Plate Fitting
Material: Steel
Surface Treatment: RAL 7032 electrostatic powder coating, customization for Zinc Plated, Hot-Dip Galvanizing are also available
Holes:10mm , customization is available

Thickness:4mm , customization is available
Packing: Standard 20 QTY/BOX,or According to customers' requirement.
Other:Size can according to customers' drawings or samples.

"L" shape fitting plate (Long leg and short)


This all purpose plate, made from RAL 7032 powder coated steel, is ideal for a range of custom configurations.
This all purpose L Shape Fitting plate is made from corrosion resistant powder coated steel. The Fitting Plate is ideal for various fitting applications such as setting roof rack bars in custom configurations, creating cantilever shelves in your trailer to store kayaks or SUPs and for handy solutions to any storage concerns. The L Shape Upright is designed to fit perfectly in the width of the Heavy Duty bar so there won't be any overhang and it can be fitted to the top side or bottom of the bar for ease of use.


RAL 7032 Powder Coated Steel is non-corrosive - no rusting or fading
Made from strong and durable materials
Also fits the all Racks
Adaptable to suit your needs
Great for attaching shade awnings and other accessories to roof racks
Ideal for various fitting applications
Creating cantilever shelves in your trailer to store kayaks or SUPs
Designed to fit perfectly in the width of the Heavy Duty bar so there won't be any overhang
Can be fitted to the top side or bottom of the bar for ease of use

90° Junction-Splice Kit (Corner coupler)

Corner couplers are used to join straight ladder and fittings where these need to be connected at 90 degree angles when these lie in different planes.
The arrangement of the pivot holes and elongated slots allows for infinite fix angular to suit specific site requirements.
The Corner coupler features easy- slots which allow the couplers to be adjusted on site to create combined horizontal & vertical offset connections, ladder connections onto the side wall of a main run to form tees, or straight ladder & fitting connections directly to a floor or wall.

•Each Corner coupler comprises of two half plates complete with all necessary pivot fixings.
•2 pair per ladder.
•Steel with electrostatic powder Painted
•Color: RAL 7032 , customization is available
•Corrosion Protected - For Internal & External Use.

ladder Butt splice kit (Ladder Coupling)

Easy-to-use butt-splice kit safely and securely connects 2 sections of cable management ladder end-to-end.

•Securely connects cable management ladders outside rack enclosure or open frame rack
•Compatible with both straight and 90-degree-bend ladder sections
•Fits solid and tubular steel runway
•Works with all rack and ladder
•Includes all necessary mounting and installation hardware for immediate use
•2 pair per ladder.
•Steel with electrostatic powder Painted
•Color: RAL 7032 , customization is available

Internal and External Channel Coupler