Loose Tube Cable for Aerial(Fig 8 Type)

1)Optical fiber : Single mode optical fiber(SMF), multi mode optical fiber(MMF), non-zero dispersion shifted optical fiber(NZ-DSF)
2)Central strength member : Galvanized steel wire or fiber reinforced plastic(FRP) - ADSS type : FRP
3)Moisture barrier 1 : Water blocking jelly filling compound of water blocking yarn
4)Loose tube : Thermoplastic material(polybutylene terephthalate)
5)Filler : Polyethylene string
6)Wrapping tape : Non-hygroscopic plastic tape or water blocking tape
7)Moisture barrier 2 : Laminated aluminum tape
8)Inner sheath : Black polyethylene
9)Armored layer : Copolymer coated steel tape
10)Outer sheath : Black polyethylene
11)Suspension wire : Galvanized steel wire(7/2.0, 7/1.6, 7/1.2, 7/1.0mm steel wire)


·Standard fiber count : 2~144 fibers
·Excellent mechanical and environmental performance
·Dry or jelly filled type


·Local area network(LAN)
·Subscriber network system
·Long haul communication system

Cable Specification

Mechanical & Environmental Characteristic