Airlock protects more than 30,000 applications with
over 20 million active identities
against unauthorized access since 2002

 What is a Microgateway?

Airlock Microgateway is a lightweight security gateway designed specifically for container environments. With little effort, it helps DevOps engineers and application teams protect their services from unauthorized or malicious access. 

Typical use cases:

  • Protecting APIs against OWASP API top 10 attacks.
  • Securing container applications and microservices against zero day attacks like Log4Shell
  • Decentralized access control (including token validation)

Airlock Microgateway is also available as a free Community Edition.


Cloud-native = Lightweight and automatable
Airlock Microgateway is designed for modern container architectures, is controlled via Kubernetes and integrates easily with GitOps processes.

Agile security = more autonomy for application teams
Application-specific security rules are defined by developers and enforced by Microgateway. Manual handoffs and coordination with SecOps are largely eliminated.

Shift Left = Security from the start
Microgateways are deployed during development and testing. This means that the architecture is similar to the productive environment and any integration hurdles are eliminated at an early stage.

Zero Trust = No bypass
A Microgateway is positioned directly in front of the application, so nobody can bypass it. This helps you implement a Zero Trust architecture in multi-cloud environments.