Hybrid Clouds & Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud and Infrastructure

Today, in the era of online service development, micro-service applications and container technologies, businesses are placing new requirements on the flexibility, speed and performance of their IT infrastructure

Regardless of your company’s chosen strategy – private cloud-based on-premise development, or the use of hybrid or public clouds – we will assist you in creating a fault-tolerant technology platform.

We specialize in building complex enterprise IT systems, creating private clouds, digital workplace infrastructure, implementing Kubernetes-based platforms for container applications, designing Geo-distributed data storage and backup systems, and resolving many other IT infrastructure development-related items.

As a technology leader, we are continuously developing our knowledge and expertise, and testing new products in our laboratories to deliver the best solutions for your business.

  • №1 in Russia for creating IT infrastructure for data centers (CNews 2020)
  • LISTED AMONG TOP-5 largest IT infrastructure companies in the Russian Federation (CNews)
  • 100+ PROJECTS annually, including many unique ones
  • EXPERTISE in-house DevSecOps and private and hybrid clouds