G.652 D

ITU-T G.652.D

Zero Water Peak Single Mode Fiber(VAD Process)
TAIHAN’s Anywave single mode fiber(Zero water peak fiber) is manufactured by the vapor - phase axial deposition(VAD) process to produce the highest quality glass with excellent geometry, high strength characteristics. Anywave D can be used in all wavelength from 1280nm to 1625nm because OH ion is perfectly eliminated in specially designed manufacturing process. Anywave D is reliable for any wavelength division. Anywave D enables customers to construct high performance network for data transmission in WDM system.


·Conspicuous lower attenuation
·Superior bending performance
·Mechanically strippable coating
·Excellent geometric properties for low splicing loss
·Transmission capacity at 1280nm to 1625nm


·Data communication cable
·FTTH network cable
·Long haul telecommunication cable
·CATV cable ·Long term reliability for attenuation

Refractive Index Profile(Environmental Characteristic)

Performance Specification