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Connecting happiness by creating the chance of enjoying simple, cheap, stable and creative communication for people and businesses and to achieve continuity of growth, profitability and value creation of our customers.

NeWoCom was established in 2001, and started as one of pioneer manufacturers for Fiber optic accessories in Iran. we have been successful with keeping quality and customer satisfactions. during these years we have done many projects in Fiber optic fields from consultancy, design and installation. Right now we have great experience about production and EPC.

Future would be brighter by the Light, and light will be pumped through fiber optics, like blood through the veins. all over the World would be connected, every one, everybody to have a brighter future with more smiles.

Our Story


We are proud to work for a diversified customers portfolio, both geographically and by industry sector:

Mobile & Fix Telecom Operators
IT companies
Cable manufacturing companies
Oil and Gas Companies
Equipment Vendors

Our Story

We crafted Art by mind and hands, we shaped technology and brought light to the life. We believe happiness for all mankind and earth creatures. By connecting people let them share their culture, feel passions, kindness and finally bring peace and happiness. We should be connected to each other to be more tolerated and more kind to each other and Earth. That’s why we begin our journey from 2001.

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Head Office

Tehran, Zafar, Mosaddeq, No. 26, Unit 34

Call : 02126645766

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Fax: 02126645768

Office Address

Tehran, Apadana St., Eshghiar St., 4th Alley No. 8, first floor

Factory 1 Address

Semnan, Ivanki Industrial Town, Sanat St., corner of Sanat 4

Factory 2 Address

Tehran, Chahardangeh Industrial Town, 17 Kaveh St, 16.5 Soroush St, No. 9